Socialized Boarding

Daycare boarding social dogs

All-day, yet structured daily play with the other guests. Your best friend deserves a vacation, too! Guests are evaluated for good pro-social behavior and friendly temperament. We've got a friend for everyone!

Cozy Accommodations

Sleeping boarding happy dog

Each guest retires to his or her own, private, large crate for meals and bedtime, right in our home. No worrying about interrupted rest or crowded conditions. We feed your food, brought from home, and are consistent with your schedule.

Complete Supervision

Supervised dog daycare and boarding

Our handlers are experienced, caring people with a love for all things dog. Off-leash play is always supervised with at least one handler in the group, with no more than 12 dogs per handler. This is our home, so we're here overnight with your pet, just like you.

Daily Daycare


For busy pet parents and active dogs. Offered Monday through Friday and on Saturday mornings, let your dog get his energy out with his friends; and enjoy a calmer, more well-behaved dog at home.



We'll come to you! Transport available to our farm for boarding guests anywhere and daycare guests within 6 miles. Round-trip and one-way services available.


Daycare dog play

We value the health and safety of all of our guests. Please review our policies and requirements!

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Why Choose Daycare?


What are the benefits to daycare?

A happier, healthier, and calmer dog! Dogs have active minds and active bodies. Daycare lets them use both! The social nature of daycare enriches your dog's mental health, and the ability to play and explore helps keep your dog fit. The result? A tired, happy dog ready for cuddles and bedtime at the end of the day.

Will my dog be a good fit for daycare?

Is your dog friendly? Does she like being with other dogs? Does he happily greet people? If so, then probably! We can accommodate all kinds of personalities and play styles. Even lower-energy dogs like daycare. After all, who doesn't like to sunbathe by the pool all day? Our only exceptions are overly aggressive, overly fearful, or unfixed dogs over 12 months of age.

What's the schedule like?

Boarding guests are let out first thing at 7am. Breakfast is fed between 7:30 and 8am, weather-dependent. They rejoin the daycare group an hour later. Dinner is fed about 6pm, with a bedtime potty break between 8-9pm. 

Daycare starts with the first arrival at 7 am. We play until 12:30pm, when Naptime begins. All guests, boarding and daycare, retreat to private crates for a mandatory rest period. At 2pm, play begins again! Daycare guests go home by 7pm.

What's the Naptime for?

While dogs do love to play, they also need their rest. All-day, unstructured play can be too stimulating and exhausting for many dogs. We find that a mandatory rest period helps everyone, dogs and handlers included, catch a breath, maintain good behavior, and keep having fun.

Will my dog get sick or hurt at daycare?

We do our best to keep our group happy and healthy. All guests must be fully vaccinated per our policies. However, dog daycare is similar to a child's daycare or school. Colds, sniffles, coughs, and intestinal bugs can crop up from time to time. Teeth, claws, and falls can cause injuries as well. We will inform our clients as soon as possible in the event of a communicable illness or urgent injury, and seek out medical care as appropriate. Please, keep your dog at home if you see any coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, or diarrhea!

Does my dog need to be crate-trained?

Not necessarily! We use crates for Naptime, meals, and bedtime. In our particular environment, crates help us keep guests secure and safe when play is finished for the day. Crate-training is very helpful, of course; but many dogs easily adapt to crating here at A Dog's Haven. We unfortunately are not a good fit for dogs with severe crate-phobia or who can frequently escape a crate. We're happy to give recommendations for alternatives, so do please ask!