Policies and Requirements


All guests must provide proof of the following:

Rabies vaccination

Distemper vaccination

Bordetella vaccination (up to 1-year dosing)

Canine influenza vaccination (both strains required)

Negative fecal test


We accept all sizes and breeds, but all guests must continue to demonstrate good social skills, appropriate play styles, and strong bite inhibition. We can not accept at this time overly aggressive or fearful dogs, known bite histories, or any dog that must have completely separate accommodations.

Neutering Policy

New studies show the strong health benefits of delayed spaying and neutering. For that reason, we will accept intact puppies, up to 12 months of age, for our daycare and boarding program. Please see our policy below for more details!

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New Client Bookings

We require all new clients to complete an initial temperament assessment for all services, and up to three full days of daycare prior to the first boarding reservation. This lets us ensure that we are the best fit for you and your dog. We recommend scheduling your assessment no less than three weeks before your intended stay. All prospective guests must be current on all vaccinations, including canine influenza.

Current Client Bookings

Current clients can book boarding or daycare reservations anytime. Clients are responsible for keeping vaccination records up to date. We recommend reserving your boarding dates as soon as possible, especially for holidays. We request daycare reservations no less than 24 hours in advance.

Policies for Intact Dogs

We believe in encouraging healthy development in puppies, both physically and mentally. Intact puppies are welcome here, up to 12 months of age. Opposite-sex, intact dogs are automatically placed into separate groups.  Females in heat should remain at home until the heat cycle is finished. Any female that goes into heat while in attendance will be immediately separated, and have owners notified to pick up. Behavior is monitored very closely for our adolescent pups as they grow into their teenage years.

Repeated demonstration of the following behaviors will result in a temporary pause of services:

- Excessive humping

- Excessive marking

- Excessive assertive posturing

- Inappropriate or excessive corrections towards other guests

- Bullying, pestering, or intimidating behaviors to other guests or handlers

We believe in keeping open lines of communication with our owners. Problem behaviors will be addressed as soon as they appear. We want all guests to be happy, healthy, and safe! 

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We love meeting new clients, humans and dogs both! Come by with just two legs for a tour, or schedule your four-legged friend's assessment today! Tours available anytime with appointment during public hours.  Assessments are currently available throughout weekdays, excluding Wednesdays.

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 Assessments are currently available throughout the week by appointment only. Tours available anytime during public hours, with appointment. 

A Dog's Haven

9619 Stauffer Road, Walkersville, MD 21793, US

(301) 845-2705


Monday - Friday: 7am-7pm

Saturday: 8am-1pm

                  4-6p pick-up only 

Sunday:  9-11a 

                 3pm-7pm, pick-up only

Boarding available year-round

Daycare available Monday - Friday and on Saturday mornings

Closed to the public on all national holidays

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