Introducing Puppy Play Hour!

What is Puppy Play Hour?

An interactive play session for puppies and parents alike! Puppies can learn great social skills from aged-matched playmates, and owners learn to recognize appropriate and polite play styles.

When is it?

Puppy Play Hour is offered on Mondays and Fridays from 12:45-1:45p, in our indoor play room. 

Who can come?

Puppy Play Hour is for puppies ages 8-20 weeks, of all sizes and any breed.

What do I need?

Puppies must be on schedule for vaccinations according to their age. All puppies must arrive on leash (not retractable) with a quick-release collar. Owners are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothes.

Recommended Vaccination Schedule

What does it cost?

We offer hour-long sessions for $15 per session.

How can I sign up?

Please email us your puppy's vaccination history, either in pdf or jpg form, to We will be in touch to schedule your first session!

Vaccination Schedule

6-8 weeks: 1st Distemper (DHPP), 1st bordetella

10-12 weeks: 2nd Distemper (DHPP), 1st or 2nd bordetella

14-16 weeks: Final distemper, 2nd bordetella

16-20 weeks: 1st Rabies, 1st bivalent canine influenza

20-30 weeks: 2nd rabies, 2nd bivalent canine influenza

Puppies graduating from Puppy Play Hour and interested in regular daycare must complete all required vaccinations, including bivalent canine influenza, by 5 months of age.

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